Sunday, 7 July 2013

Vivienne Westwood.

Well today's my birthday! Yayyyy me! I went shopping in London yesterday with my boyfriend, Stuart, which was my birthday present from him, I'm so grateful for everything he got me, and I'm hoping to do a post on them real soon! But this post is completely birthday unrelated, as I finished my exams, -which I know I have been going on about alot- Stu got me the nicest present for completing them...
AHHHHHHHH, I have a pair of Vivienne Westwood heels! I am absolutely in love with them, they are my favourite pair of heels now. They are made out of PVC and for some reason smell incredible, the whole box just smells like bubblegum, but I'm not complaining! 
The bow is a gorgeous teal blue, and against the baby pink it makes the bow stand out so much more. Another thing that I love about these shoes is that they have a peep toe but also have a pointed toe, which is just so sophisticated and adds an edge to the whole shoe!
 This is my first pair of shoes that have come in a bag and it makes me so happy, which my sound weird but it just means they are a fancy pair of shoes! 
I hope you are all well, speak soon,

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Saturday, 6 July 2013

It's All About Glitter.

Oh glitter, how you make us all love our nails. I would say I probably have about 20 collection, but I do not wear them often enough, just due to them being a pain in the bum to remove! I do have a tip though that I read on a blog -I can't remember who's though-, rather than applying a base coat use PVA glue instead and when you want to remove it you can simply peel back the glue. This technique does not even damage the nails,so you should definitely try this out!
L-R Barry M, Lavender Hexograms.  
I love all of these glitters, and I can't actually chose a favourite as they are all so different! The first polish is clear polish with purple hexograms and specks of silver glitter through it. 
We then have a clear polish again with smaller and larger sizes of mutli-coloured glitter within. Then the last clear polish with  blue, silver and black small sequins and smaller pieces of glitter. 
I love this next polish, it's a light blue polish with yellow, black and blue specks, what I love about this polish is as you apply a second coat the specks begin to disappear slightly!
Last up is this black polish with a gold shimmer all the way through, if I had to pick a favourite I would have to say this! Black nail polish is so harsh that having the shimmer through just lightens the look up.

It you haven't tried any glitter polishes before -then where have you been- but no seriously you have to get some into your collection, they can add so much to a plain set of nails! I hope you are well, and I will talk to you soon,
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Friday, 5 July 2013

My new favourite perfume.

I can't believe I got my hands on this perfume it smells gorgeous and was only £8.50 from Marks and Spencers! When I saw it I thought to myself wow that looks like Marc Jacobs 'Lola' -which is a perfume and brand that I love- so I decided to give it a quick smell. And my my I was blown away, it smells just like 'Lola' too! It's so similar it's crazy. I really wish I'd bought two bottles as I did get it from an outlet so I'm not sure how available it is. I suppose I should tell you the name of it and stop chatting away, its called 'Adored' which I quite like.
I love the packaging, and I'm sure if you've seen Lola you can see the similarities. It doesn't look quite as expensive as Lola but it's you can really complain. I do like that the flower is fabric not plastic as it makes travelling with it much easier as you don't have the worry that it may break when transporting it. It has a lovely sweet smell, I'm not a big fan of floral scents but this has some strong fruity hints and anything sweet is gorgeous in my books!
Thought I'd show you the Lola bottle, as you can see that colour of the bottle and the flower on the top is very similar to 'Adored'. As the flower is plastic on this bottle you can see what I mean about it looking more expensive and also the gold 'stem' adds even more to the packaging. 'Lola' hits around £40-£50 for a 50ml bottle, whereas 'Adored' is an 100ml bottle for a fraction of the price!

If you can find this in your Marks and Spencers, then you should definitely pick this up! Hope you're all okay, and enjoyed this post. Speak soon, 

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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Outfit/ I like short shorts...

It's really in-between weather at the moment, quite cloudy and teasing you it's going to rain, but hot at the same time! So the decision had to made to either be a little bit chilly or too hot, I went for the little chilly. My grandparents are back for 2 weeks as they live aboard, so we decided to go on a little trip. We ended up going to a miniature zoo, and have a lovely time! I took some pictures while we were going round, and I have some outfit pictures too.
''Embarrassing eye closure!''
I actually quite liked my outfit, I'm a little uncomfortable in these shorts as they are I bit bummy, but I thought if I wore a blazer and covered up on the top it would be suitable. I think it is a lot more suitable covered up, I love how the blazer matches the colour of bow in the flipflops. 
I love the acid wash effect on the shorts, think it separates them from the bog standard denim and the rose gold details are gorgeous too. The gold bar necklace is my new addiction, I wear it all the time, it just seems to go with everything -as least I think it does!-. The flipflops were a great find, they remind me of the Ted Baker ones but for a fraction of the price from Pilot.
Blazer, top, shorts, bag-Primark
Flipflops- Pilot
Necklace- Forever21
Rings-Primark, New Look
Such cute animals, the massive fluffy bunny rabbit is my favourite! I can't believe I managed to get a picture of a baby wallaby in her mamma's pouch! Sorry if these pictures bored you -they ae nit very fashion or beauty related-, I just thought they were too cute to go unseen.

 I just want to say a thank-you to everyone who comments or views by blog, it really does mean a lot! Speak to you soon,
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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Weekly Wishlist #4- Skincare special.

I have oily to combination skin, for make-up I want a medium to full coverage and I would say I wear full make-up almost everyday. So I need to keep good care if my skin and make sure I'm using the right products for it. I do love some of the products I have like, Soap and Glory- Peaches and Clean Cleansing Milk, Garnier- Intensive Charcoal Scrub and Clearasil- Vitamins and Extracts Mask, but I just felt I need to go the extra mile and get some products that go well together and give a deeper clean. So I did some research and found some products that address some of the issues with my skin, with each product I shall tell you what they aim to do.
1/ Nspa Melting Cleansing Gel. 2/La Roche Posay Effaclar Gel. 3/Nspa 5 Minute Magic Mask 4/ Bodyshop Vitamin C Skin Reviver. 5/ Origins Drink-up Intensive Overnight Mask. 6/ Nspa Deep Hydrating Facial Oil. 7/ Nspa Oil-Free Moisture Gel. 8/ REN Resurfacing Aha Concentrate.

1. This is the first part of the four step beauty ritual, the fist part is to cleanse. I chose this as I loved the idea of it, it transforms on your face from a gel to a milk with the addition of water. It contains Grapeseed Oil to dissolve make-up and impurities and the main thing that drew me to it is it helps to improve radiance which is a real need for me.

2. This is by far my most wanted skincare product and I'm hoping to get it real soon! The reviews for this product are just brilliant, they claim to get rid of spots, acne scars, blackheads and under the skin spots too. Anything you can think of this pretty much does it all! I really hope this lives up to my expectations as it has been every hyped up in my head and in the general blogging world.

3. Next is the part 2 for the Nspa beauty rituals and I am just becoming addicted to masks, which is why I chose this for the Exfoliate step. I loved the sound of the ingredients, avocado and apricots, surely this is a recipe for perfection. Also I love a clay mask as supposed to a mask like the Clearasil one I mentioned earlier.

4. I love this product, I already have it but I am really running low so I thought I'd add this onto my wish list. I haven't tried many primers before but that's because this one just fits the bill so well, my make-up glides on smoother and stays on longer. On the odd day when I forget to apply this I notice straight away that my foundation is really not looking great and when you can see the difference like that you know you have a great product.
5. As I said I am addicted to masks so of course I need one for the whole of the night-time. Even though I have quite oily skin, you still need to give it enough moisture and fight the oil in other ways and I am hoping this mask is the perfect one to give my skin a well needed bit of moisture. It contains Japanese Seaweed which helps prevent future dehydration and also fight against premature ageing, which is a mighty good thing!

6. Next we have the step 3 of the Nspa routine, I chose this simply because my skincare collection lacks an oil, and maybe this is the missing link in my routine. Mixing this in with the next product I am about to show you may be a good combination. I am quite sceptical of oils, because I have oily skin, it seems to go against my logic to apply more oil, but who knows, -it could work-.

7. Lastly in the Nspa routine you need to moisturise, as I have chosen a few oily of intensive treatments I thought I should counteract these with an oil-free moisturiser. Again it has radiance enhancing properties which I love, also I love the feeling of a gel rather than a liquid or milk. Due to it being a gel, it would work as a very good base for make-up if you do not like using primers.

8. And last up is the REN concentrate, I'm not actually sure what this is, whether it's and oil, moisturiser or a treatment. From the look of the bottle I'd think is had a pipette so perhaps its an oil? But I thought this would be good as it helps to minimise pores and discolouration is reduced, which leads again to a brighter complexion.

Let me know what you thought of this post and also if you know where to buy Nspa products please let me know, ASDA's sell a few but they do not have much variety, thank you in advance. As always, if you have anything to suggest or any request let me know. Hope you're all well,

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sixth-form Leavers Party.

I recently had my Summer Ball, which is like Prom but for after College or Sixth Form, so I thought I'd share some of the pictures I took and which dress I wore etc. I had an absolute nightmare selecting a dress, I just wasn't sure how dressy it needed to be-as it turned out is was a very mixed bag of dresses-. I originally chose a floral blank and white high-neck skater dress from New Look, which I loved, but I just thought it was too simple and not anywhere near dressy enough. So I went shopping and ended up getting this mint high-low chiffon dress from Forever 21 and it was just perfect!
'Not a great pose from me'.
I kept my make-up fairly plain, just to be elegant and also as it was a long night, I didn't want some elaborate eye make-up slipping down my face! And for my hair, I pinned it half back as I wanted an up-do but I also wanted her around my face. I kept the jewellery gold as the buckle on the belt was also gold, plus I just prefer gold jewellery. My cuff is from New Look and the necklace is from Forever 21. Unfortunately I didn't get a good shot of the shoes but they were a 6 inch beige pair of patent brogue-esk and I loved them!
It was a lovely evening and very sad as most of the people there I will probably not see again, so it was really nice to have a last evening. Here are just a couple of pictures from the night, the other dresses were just lovely too!

Hope you are all well and I will speak to you soon,

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Monday, 1 July 2013

Maybelline Express Finish.

Nail varnish is like my thing, it's like my Kryptonite! So I thought I'd go all out to my posts about nails better and I got my hands on some plastic nails wheels so I can show you proper swatches. For Christmas last year I received a set of Maybelline Express Finish Polishes which claim to dry in 50 seconds and the colour variety is just gorgeous. I haven't used them that much and I have no idea why because they are really gorgeous and I should make use of them more. But having over 150 nail polishes it is difficult to keep up and use them all equally! 
L-R, Special Sparkle, Pink Carats, Amethyst Glimmer, Copper Glimmer, Jade Flash, Jewels n Berries, Berry Lovely.
2 coats on each swatch.
As you can see from the swatches, the first four are metallic, which I think is just gorgeous! Then the deep purple colour is the only matte colour in the set but it is probably my favourite, I just love the darkness and sexiness of this colour! And then the last two are glitter polishes, the first is pearly colour with flecks of silver glitter running through it and then the second is a clear polish with large and small multi-coloured flecks of glitter.
They really live up to their 50 second drying time, honestly I was so shocked at how quickly I can apply second coats on the swatches! And having worn these before I can say that the result on the nails is just as great. I don't think that these are still sold in boots but you will be able to get them on places like Amazon or Ebay.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any ideas or requests for me to do then as always leave them below. Speak soon, 

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