Thursday, 4 July 2013

Outfit/ I like short shorts...

It's really in-between weather at the moment, quite cloudy and teasing you it's going to rain, but hot at the same time! So the decision had to made to either be a little bit chilly or too hot, I went for the little chilly. My grandparents are back for 2 weeks as they live aboard, so we decided to go on a little trip. We ended up going to a miniature zoo, and have a lovely time! I took some pictures while we were going round, and I have some outfit pictures too.
''Embarrassing eye closure!''
I actually quite liked my outfit, I'm a little uncomfortable in these shorts as they are I bit bummy, but I thought if I wore a blazer and covered up on the top it would be suitable. I think it is a lot more suitable covered up, I love how the blazer matches the colour of bow in the flipflops. 
I love the acid wash effect on the shorts, think it separates them from the bog standard denim and the rose gold details are gorgeous too. The gold bar necklace is my new addiction, I wear it all the time, it just seems to go with everything -as least I think it does!-. The flipflops were a great find, they remind me of the Ted Baker ones but for a fraction of the price from Pilot.
Blazer, top, shorts, bag-Primark
Flipflops- Pilot
Necklace- Forever21
Rings-Primark, New Look
Such cute animals, the massive fluffy bunny rabbit is my favourite! I can't believe I managed to get a picture of a baby wallaby in her mamma's pouch! Sorry if these pictures bored you -they ae nit very fashion or beauty related-, I just thought they were too cute to go unseen.

 I just want to say a thank-you to everyone who comments or views by blog, it really does mean a lot! Speak to you soon,
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  1. I love those shorts!


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