Saturday, 6 July 2013

It's All About Glitter.

Oh glitter, how you make us all love our nails. I would say I probably have about 20 collection, but I do not wear them often enough, just due to them being a pain in the bum to remove! I do have a tip though that I read on a blog -I can't remember who's though-, rather than applying a base coat use PVA glue instead and when you want to remove it you can simply peel back the glue. This technique does not even damage the nails,so you should definitely try this out!
L-R Barry M, Lavender Hexograms.  
I love all of these glitters, and I can't actually chose a favourite as they are all so different! The first polish is clear polish with purple hexograms and specks of silver glitter through it. 
We then have a clear polish again with smaller and larger sizes of mutli-coloured glitter within. Then the last clear polish with  blue, silver and black small sequins and smaller pieces of glitter. 
I love this next polish, it's a light blue polish with yellow, black and blue specks, what I love about this polish is as you apply a second coat the specks begin to disappear slightly!
Last up is this black polish with a gold shimmer all the way through, if I had to pick a favourite I would have to say this! Black nail polish is so harsh that having the shimmer through just lightens the look up.

It you haven't tried any glitter polishes before -then where have you been- but no seriously you have to get some into your collection, they can add so much to a plain set of nails! I hope you are well, and I will talk to you soon,
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  1. Nice glitters!

  2. Oh wow they all look so pretty! I so love glitter polishes, I just wish they weren't soooo hard to remove xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie