Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Homies and Leather.

This lookbook is based on the Homies t-shirt that I showed in my previous post. If you haven't seen that then, I shall inform you that I go this top from Camdem but I know that you can get them on ebay for around the same price, depending on which seller you go to.
I really wanted to increase the indie vibe of the whole outfit, so I paired it with a wet look skater skirt and some converse style trainers with lacey socks. This may not sound that indie, but it really worked, paired with the 'NannyState' hat it just makes it so incredibly cool! You could even wear this with a black bowler hat which would just add to the whole individuality of the outfit.
I kept my jewellery quite simplistic but still attention grabbing at the same time, the bracelet with the bright studs really stands out against the whole monochrome look. Also the spiked necklace adds another layer to the otherwise fairly simple t-shirt. 
T Shirt- Camden
Shirt- Internacionale
Trainers- New Look
Socks- Primark
Rings- Miss Selfridg, DIY
Bracelet and Necklace- Miss Selfridge
Beanie- Bank (Mens)
Sunglasses- Camden
Nails-BarryM Lychee

Hope you enjoyed this Lookbook, I can't wait to style this t-shirt in tons of different ways!
Until next time, becciixx.
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  1. Love this tshirt! x

    1. Thankyou! You can also get it on ebay :)x

  2. Ahhh you are gorgeous , bangin outfit xx

  3. frilly socks with converse - so cute! loving your skirt too

    ordaining serendipity