Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Weekly Wishlist #3

Whoops, haven't done this post for a while! I hadn't even noticed, oh dear! But anyway lets get on with it, there's not that much here this time as I feel like the only thing I'm actually craving this week is Primark and as they don't have a website so proves to be a difficultly, but of course I still have a few bits to show you!
1.Mesh Panel Top- I think this t-shirt really hits on the sort luxe trend which I just happen to love, with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and some black heeled sandals you've got yourself a gorgeous outift!
2.Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum- This perfume smells lovely, I'm not even going to been to describe it sooo... 'Crisp top green notes and sparkling Ginger deliver an instantaneous burst of vivid radiance. At the heart, exotic Tiger Orchid and sensual Tea Rose combine for a seductive floral scent. Vibrant base notes with Cedarwood, leaves a seductive aroma on the skin.' It's slightly expensive but I'm willing to make the sacrifice of my money for this.
3.PU Sleeve Cardigan- This jacket is stunning, it's so sophisticated and would add a touch of class to any basic outfit. I love navy and black together, I remember when I was younger there was a huge taboo against wearing blue and black together, I'm so glad everyone got over that!
4.Cotton and Metal Wrapped Necklace- I love a statement necklace and this is perfect. I have a lot of gold necklaces so having a black necklace would make a really nice change to pair with an outfit.I also love the effect that thread or fabric necklaces give.
5.Nude Shoe- I'm a sucker for heels! I have about 30 pairs of heels but I only get to wear them on a rare basis so I am trying to limit myself to buying heels. But these gorgeous lace nude heels just managed to slide their way onto my wishlist. Honestly I think these are the nicest heels ever, and would definitely in my Summer heels collection.
6.Bleach Wash Jeans- Oh jeans, I do have some issues with you, I believe I've already had a rant about this in my 'Wish I Could Wear A Midi' post so I'll save you the bore of hearing that again. But these jeans were a perfect fit for me in petite sizing and I wanted them so badly, unfortunately at the time of trying them on I was moneyless -very sad-.
7.Motel Dungaree Playsuit- Last but definitely not least, is this Paisley blue playsuit, I adore the print of anything like this! It just reminds me of the pattern on china plates, which I obviously seem to like which is weird... I can't wait to get my hands on some dungarees, I might get a cheap pair from Primark first before spending £48 on this one!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what't on your wishlist this week! Speak soon, becciixx.

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  1. Like the whole wish list especially the jacket!! Like that it's blue instead of the navy green that has been going around lately :)

    Christina xx

  2. I love the Playsuit, it's so so cute! X

  3. love the jacket and the necklace
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  4. I LOVE the paisley print dungarees x

  5. 1,3, & 4 are my favorites from your wishlist:-)

    Kisses from Ireland

  6. the jimmy choo perfume really is super lovely! One of my favourites! x