Friday, 10 May 2013

Nothing wrong with wearing a guy's hat.

I'm very partial to stealing your man's clothes, accessories and -well maybe not shoes, due to sizing issues!- But I finally got hold of his precious hat, tried it on and fell in love with it! I'm not allowed to keep it though which is very sad, but I'm going shopping tomorrow so I'm going to pick some up from Primark or somewhere!
I just love the fit of it, it doesn't hang too far off of your head, so it doesn't look floppy which means it doesn't feel like it's going to slide off every second. Burgundy is also a favourite colour of mine, I love it for accessories. The 'Nanny State' on the edge of the hat is just so cool, and it completes the piece.
You can get the hat from Bank, obviously it's form the men's section though! I can't believe it's men's it looks so uni-sex to me but oh well.

Thanks for reading! becciixx.


  1. Aww I love it. My bf never wears hats so i can't steal them! haha
    You're right about the fact that you can't tell its a boys though!