Thursday, 25 April 2013

Big Tease Mascara.

I'm having a slight obsession with bareMinerals cosmetics –so expect a lot more posts on their products, maybe even an extremely long post on a few all at once-. But any way moving on, I have finally found a mascara that love and with a perfect brush. The mascara is called ‘Big Tease’ and is just in black –I can’t really pull off the whole coloured eyelash thing.- It adds really great length and volume to my lashes, which I actually find really hard to get with a mascara, but this finally lives up to what I want. And I’ll tell ya how it does it…

The brush is like nothing I have ever seen before, one side of the brush has long bristles which allows the separation of lashes and to lengthen the lashes, whilst the other side has no bristles more of a spiral shape which increases the volume. This brush is probably the best brush I have ever used, it provides clump free lashes and gives the perfect amount of drama to your lashes.
Before the mascara is applied.
After about two coats of the mascara

And unfortunately I can't find where it can be purchased, it is no longer on the bareMinerals website but I think you should probably be able to just it on amazon or ebay. It's not a cheap product however -and I don't usually say this- it is definitely worth the money.

If you know of any really good mascara's -cause I don't think  can get hold of this one again- please let me know! Thankyou for reading, becciixx

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