Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A cheeky little welcome! ♥

Not too sure what to say here apart from helloooo, you found my blog, congrats to you! I suppose I better tell you a few things about myself;
My names Becci, I'm 17 years old, currently in my last year of A-levels. I live in Essex, but honestly I swear that I'm nothing like women on 'TOWIE' -however I have a really weird feeling you might all prove me wrong!

This blog will be focused on fashion and beauty, so hopefully some Lookbooks, product reviews or anything else I -or you- fancy. I will try to post everyday to every-other day, but I am afraid revision for my final exams may get in the way -I know what you'rethinking why start a blog right before exams, you crazy lady?!- And you are right to question this, my blog will be my escape, no worrying or panicking that I can't find the oxidation number of Iron, why so-and-so would be charged with Theft or what backup procedure a company would follow to save their database. -Yep you guessed it, Chemistry, Law and ICT. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

I also have youtube and instagram accounts, which you can check out if you wannaaaa. Check out my youtube here and my instagram user name is becciilyn.

I have been dying to put a smiley face all the way through this so excuse me while I put one :D 
Thought I'd let you see the face you've got to put up with! I'll speak to you guys again soon, becciixx. 

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