Saturday, 20 April 2013

Slim down for Summer.

The whole panic with getting skinny for summer may seem so daunting and I though it was too, until I thought about it more and got inspiration from twitter and instagram accounts! It doesn't have to be a drastic change to your life and doesn't have to be something that takes over your life either!

All it takes to get going is a little bit of determination, if you want this enough then it shouldn't be too hard to find yourself some motivation, whether it's torturing yourself by looking at hot bodies -this is my method- or just wanting to start a healthier life style. Also setting your goal is a very good way to make yourself get going -just make sure it is realistic for you!- One piece of advice for you is that do not listen to BMI's, for women I think they are very inaccurate as if you have larger breasts this weight is not taken into account!
When it comes to exercising you don't want to start up on too much, the last thing you want to do is strain  your body so much that you can't keep to your routine for the next few days! Increasing the amount of reps or time that you do an exercise for it a great way to ensure you are progressing further without putting too much strain or your muscles. Knowing what exercises will be beneficial to you and the part of your body you want to work on can be difficult if you are just starting up as you don't know what parts certain exercises effect. Looking at magazines or websites can really help with learning what's best for you, Women's Health magazine is very good for both exercising and healthy eating tips. My favourite Twitter account for exercises is Fitness & Nutrition, -this is where I got my fitness routine from.-

Finding time to exercise can also be difficult, but if you spend your evenings in front of the TV, there's nothing stopping you from getting up and doing some squats in front of the TV! And this is perfectly fine to do, its not cheating at all, if anything it'll make it easier as you'll be distracted and the time will go quicker. -You won't even feel the burn as much!-
You can't just exercise, still eat rubbish and expect to get good results! You don't have to spend tons of money on fine dining healthy food, it only takes a few changes that won't cost any more than you already spend. Take a look at your portion sizes, are you eating a lot for just one meal? If you think you are then start it give yourself one less roast potato or only one sandwich rather than two. I've heard that eating 4 smaller meals throughout the day with healthy snacks when you get hungry is much better for you than 3 larger meals. Also replacing sugary snacks with something more healthy will be very beneficial and you will start seeing changes fairly quickly, -so chuck out that Terry's Chocolate Orange for a real orange, and you'll be off to a good start'.-
What you drink will also effect your toning or weight loss, as you all know water is essential when exercising but you should also make sure you are drinking it constantly throughout the day to increase your weight loss, improve your health -and it is also great for your skin, which is obviously a god thing!- Milk is also great for your muscles and to help stop cramp if you have over exercised, so get drinking.

I just have two last things to say, if you are trying to lose weight or tone up, make sure you are doing it for you, no one else, for you! The decisions that you make about losing weight should not be influenced by the media, or from the stereotypical 'skinny for summer'! Everybody shape is beautiful and you should be proud of your body!
The last thing is that starving yourself is never the way to go, it's so unhealthy and  as soon as you start eating again your weight will start increasing again. Eating healthy will make you lose weight -maybe not as quickly- but you won't be putting your health at risk!

I hope this has given some of you some inspiration, until next time, becciixx.


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