Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Scented Models Own Polish?

Now, I could never have ever dreamed of something like a scented nail polish, it's never even crossed my mind. But Model's own have crossed that barrier and created something brilliant, pastel nail varnish's which smell like fruit -absolutely incredible!- I was very sceptical about these simply because I just couldn't see how they could overcome the smell of nail  varnish? But to be fair they have pulled it off, -I have been smelling my nails throughout the day, which is slightly weird...- 
I love the packaging for models own polish's in general but these are just uber-cute! The scratch and sniff top is just a great idea, so you can smell which scent you're getting and the pastel coloured 'scented' around the lid is a cute touch. They come in 5 different colours/scents, Apple Pie, Grape Juice, Strawberry Tart, Blueberry Muffin and Banana Spilt -Banana Split is the one that I chose. 
As you know, I am loving yellow nails right now, -I had a bright yellow, so all that was needed was a pastel! I did find it really hard to chose from these colours as there may be hype for them being scented but all in all I think the colours in the collection are fantastic themselves. 

However one downside with this polish, is I found the finish to be a little bubbly, I'm not sure whether maybe the added scent mixes up the formula, as I've not had this problem with other models own polish's. Or maybe I was having an off day with painting my nails so I will be sure to update my opinion if it goes on okay the next time I use it. One last thing is that the smell only seems to last about a day, but I'm not really to fussed about that as I love the colour, but considering this is meant to be the main selling point for these it is quite a negative thing.

You should definitely check these out, they are some of my favourite coloured polish's I've seen for a while -and the scented part is obviously a plus-.
Until next time, becciixx.

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