Friday, 19 April 2013

Rimmel Apocalips.

I finally jumped on the beauty band wagon and got my hands on some Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers. Anyone who follows beauty bloggers or keeps up with hyped up beauty products themselves will have heard of these gems from Rimmel. I had been putting of buying them simply because I didn't need them, but I gave into temptation -mainly due to them being on offer but shh!- That being said I am so thrilled that I got them!
It took me forever decide on what colour to get as the colour range is so varied and all the colours are gorgeous, but I finally decided on 'Stellar' and 'Nova'-definitely going to be getting more though.- There are 8 different shades, ranging from nude to a mauve, making these a great choice of colours as there's something for everyone.

Rimmel says that 'it's neither a lipstick nor a gloss.' 'The intense rich colour of a lipstick, enhanced by a satin smooth shine.' I totally agree with this, the pigmentation is incredible and drys almost completely matte with just a hint of shine. The matte finish on this is only a little bit drying, but I find this with most matte lip products, -so don't take my judgements on this into account.- The doe foot applicator makes applying the lacquer very precisely and the pool of liquid in the applicator means you only have to dip in once or twice. 
The colour 'Nova'(left) is a gorgeous barbie pink and I fell in love with it straight away -this is definitely my favourite of the bunch!- I find that it has a slight neon feel to it -but maybe that's just my pale skin translating.- 'Stellar'(right) is a fantastic mix of a bright red and a coral, which I have been after for a really long time. For anyone that finds red lipstick intimating maybe this would be a perfect starting point to ease yourself into some bright colours.

As boots have a three for two on all beauty product and at a special price of £4.99, these are fantastic for the price and even if they were more expensive I'd jump at the chance to buy them!  I do believe that YSL do a high-end version which is obviously wayyy more expensive but I've heard that Rimmel's are just as good. You can purchase these from Boots here.

Speak soon, becciixxx

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