Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Urban Decay dupe.

Now, I am one for a dramatic eye look -still need a bit of practise with that...- but I just think it adds a pop of glamour to your everyday make-up. To get a dramatic eye you need eye-shadows with a good pigmentation or all that effort will be for nothing if you can't even see it!
I do find it quite hard to justify spending a lot of money on make-up simply because, being a student, I need the money for other things! This is exactly why I haven't brought the Urban Decay Naked Palette's yet, so I did some research and found great dupes for both the Naked and Naked 2 for a fraction of the price!
MUA is a brand that is only available within Superdrug -or you can buy it from the MUA website-. I love a lot of their products as they are so affordable, really good quality and work just as well as more expensive ones. The dupes I found are palette's called Undressed and Undress Me Too, it may be a little bit cheeky that they even adapted the name to be similar but oh well! The best things about them is they are only £3 each, that's £6 for 24 different colours! 
I've never actually owned the Urban Decay palettes so I'm sorry I can't show you swatches of them together so you can compare. Most picture of my make-up will have these eye-shadows featured a they are my go-toos.
I hope this helps you out if you were looking for a new palette or an actual dupe for the Naked ones!

Speak soon, becciixx.


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