Monday, 29 April 2013

My Weekly Wish List #2.

It's time for my weekly favourites, I'm actually really enjoying these posts -even though this is only my second one!- I've been thinking about what to put in this all week, that's how much I've been looking forward to doing it!

This week I purchased some of the BarryM Gelly Hi Shines and I think they are amazing, their colours are incredible, it took me forever to choose which ones to get. In the end I only got 3, these were Blueberry, Papaya and Lychee. They are honestly my favourite nail varnish's around, hence why theyare on my wishlist as I want more! The colours shown here are Prickly Pear, Watermelon and Grapefruit, you can buy them from either Boots or Superdrug.
At first glance this will probably look really out of place on this wish list, but let me explain. I want to make some DIY above the knuckle rings using this, I also want to jewellery wire in silver and gold but to start with this gun metal would be perfect. To make these rings I will be following a tutorial from Nicole Guerriero's youtube channel, which you can find here. This can be got from any craft store but just due to laziness I found it on Amazon.   
Now, this is where watching American youtubers has it's drawbacks, you find out about great American clothing websites that you can't order from. But here's the catch, this dress is from SheInside which has free shipping worldwide, which is absolutely incredible! For only £25.68, it's also a fantastic bargain, toughen it up with a leather jacket and some cute heeled sandals and you're good to go. You can purchase this from SheInside with -I repeat free shipping-.
Also from SheInside, is this awesome Bart Simpson patterned denim shirt! I've never seen anything so cool in my life -I'm not even exaggerating with that statement-. It would look so cool with a pair of distressed black skinny jeans and some espadrilles, maybe even with a black bowler hat. You can get this here.
This cute little black dress from H&M, it is perfect for the Spring/Summer. For Spring you could layer under a leather or denim jacket, and to add some extra warmth pair with some heeled booties. In the Summer you could risk the no jacket look -hopefully, cause this is England- and show of the beautiful cut out back with the sort of aztec-style straps, a pair of simple flipflops or some some good ol' heeled sandals would be perfect with it. 
These shoes are my new love, hitting the floral trend and it my favourite style on shoe. I don't think I could actually find a better pair of shoes. If you where to find a pretty colour-block summer dress and match it to one of the colours in the shoes, for example orange, this would be a perfect summer look. These shoes are from New Look, and are a fantastic price of £27.99.
The last thing a have here is definitely my favourite of these things, I love the contrast of the aztec print with the leather lapels. Unfortunately it's very unlikely I will be able to buy this jacket as it is a rather expensive £99.99! Hopefully I'll come into some money and be able to splurge on this, if you want to purchase it yourself, you can get it from Zara

Hope you like the things that I've shown you, thanks for reading becciixx.


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