Saturday, 13 April 2013

Ted Baker Sunniess.

I love love love sunglasses, so when my boyfriends mum surprised me with a little early birthday present I was over the moon! I spied these Ted Baker sunglasses in Tkmaxx and fell in love with them, the rounded style is just my favourite -been after them for donkeys years!- The tortoiseshell effect on them is also fantastic, it makes them not too black but also not quite brown, which is perfect as I am pretty darn pale! And obviously being Ted Baker was a pretty big bonus, as Ted is just ma fave and all my sunglasses are from Primark!

Tkmaxx is just fantastic, I could spend hours looking in there, but they are particularly good for sunglasses. As most things are in Tkmaxx because they have faults or are last season, this does not effect sunglasses, as I think they are just timeless and don't really go out of fashion! -Basically you always have to prise yourself away from them before you buy like a million!- Due to being in Tkmaxx through I fault or otherwise, they are always much cheaper than the RRP. Not sure how much the sunglasses cost but the are definitely a whole lot cheaper than being in Ted Baker  I've seen Steve Madden shoes, Gucci sunglasses and even some beautiful cheap wedding dresses!

So if you live in the UK and haven't been into a Tkmaxx, it's definitely worth having a nose around to see what you can find! And if you're from the US then I'm pretty sure that your equivalent is Tjmaxx so lucky you haha!

Be back soon, becciixx

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