Friday, 26 April 2013

Company Magazine.

Now I love a good fashion magazine, but I don't particularly like the celebrity gossip that comes with most affordable fashion mags like More or Look. But Company magazine just has the right balance of both! My favourite thing about it is the way it looks and looks -this may sound really weird, but you would understand if you look/feel it. I keep them all on show as their spines are just so cute, every month the pattern changes to  something even cuter! Also the whole magazine has like a cardboardy feel to it -which may not sound very nice- but honestly don't knock it till you've felt it!
Every month the magazine features a 'How I did it', this month is was about 'How have a career in fashion', which was extremely helpful for me as this is the career path I want to go down. This changes every month though so there will be something for you, in the past there's been, how to start your own business and.... These are actually full of some really helpful tips and if you find something that relates to you I can grantee it will help you reach your goal.
Another feature is that at the beginning of every magazine there is a ‘how we are wearing the trends’, this is really helpful as they show some fully made outfits if you’re looking for some inspiration, or just some items if you know you like that trend. One of the best things is that the outfits are created by people in the fashion industry so they are proper on trend.
Something that I find really fun is the ‘Unlikely style icon’ this features something or someone that has fallen in line with a current trend. For example the last few months featured Miss Hannigan from Annie and a zebra crossing –this may sound crazy but it’s the monochrome trend-. I basically love all the parts that relates back to trends.

Obviously it still has all the usual stuff that gossip magazines have so a bit on celebrities but usually only one is interviewed, unless it's about fashion, some horoscopes thrown in and a few columns as well. It really is the perfect balance for me between the fashion and gossip, I enjoy every single page of it.

Definitely give this a read, it should be available in any newsagents or supermarket, so check it out!
Speak soon, becciixx.

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