Saturday, 27 April 2013

Beautiful Blue.

One of my favourite colour polish's to wear is blue, so I thought I'd do a post on my favourites! I have so many different blues so it was very difficult to narrow it down -but I just about managed.- I've included something of everything here, some glitter polishes a beetle-juice and just some plain polish's, if I wanted to bore you I could easily have written about all of them!
Models Own, Indian Ocean- This is probably my favourite nail polish, I don't even know how to start describing it! It has a duochrome finish that changes from blue to a pinky colour. There are flecks of gold shimmer that run through it that are visible the whole time, when you change the angle that the light shines on your nail a pink shimmer will appear. Anyway trust me it's beautiful -my explanation is just atrocious!-

BarryM, Cobalt Blue- This is a dark blue that is just so vibrant and pretty, I have struggled to find a dark blue that still has some warmth to it and this is perfect! As it is so vibrant I think it's still suitable to wear throughout Spring even though it's dark.

W7, Blue Mosaic- This brand of nail varnish is just incredible, they glitter polishes are so different! It has more of a mosaic feel to it rather than glitter, even though the flecks in it are gold and black, this is due the fact that when you build up the coats the flecks appear matte.

Kiko- I think you can get this brand in the UK, but I'm not sure as I purchased this in Venice. But this is just a sky blue colour, that again is very vibrant -I love a vibrant nail colour.- The formula is also really nice, it goes on so smoothly which just adds to the prettiness of the colour. Unfortunately I don't know the names of these Kiko colour, as it's in Italian I think! 

W7, Sheer Blue- Another W7 polish, I should let you know you can get these on the website Nail Polish Direct for a great price of £1.99!  This is such a beautiful light blue and it really easy to build up to make it opaque.

BarryM, Aqua Glitter- This is one of my all time favourite glitter polishes, I can't wait to try a gradient effect with it like in my last post but using a blue polish instead probably the Sheer Blue. This is just so easy to build up or to just wear on its own, it just reminds me of little tiny jewels -sounds silly I know, but it does-.

Kiko- This nail polish reminds me of the Indian Ocean just without the duochrome. It''s not that's easily build-able as it is very translucent but it's definitely worth the few coats needed to produce a very gorgeous colour.

Hope you like some of these, until next time, becciixx


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